We spent two days driving to Sevierville Tennessee and arrived at the "cabin" my sister rented at Hidden Mountain Resort. I use the term cabin loosely as it has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

20221030-frances phone20221028_163500.jpg
The view from the balcony. That's the Smoky Mountains in the background.

The outside of the cabin.

My nephew (Terrance), and his wife (Erica) eloped in July 2021 but still wanted to do the "wedding" thing. So today was the wedding.

20221030-_R7_2418.JPG larry and linda.jpg
Larry and Linda testing out the site of the ceremony. Larry was the best man at my sister's wedding.

The entrance to the "wedding area".

20221030-_72_7311.JPG bride and dad.jpg
The bride (Erica) and her dad.

Eric's cousin Chad was the efficient. After the vows he pronounced them as "still married".

20221030-_R7_2545.JPG dancing2.jpg
First dance.

20221030-_R7_2592.JPG cake2.jpg
Cutting the "not your usual wedding" cake.

20221030-_R7_2673.JPG ted.jpg
Yes, it was a good party.

20221030-CR7_2686.JPG dollywood.jpg
The view at night. The ferris wheel is at Dolly Wood