This trip is different from our normal trips in that I didn't bring my computer with me so I'm sharing Ed's which limits my time to update the blog. Ed also decided to not run the HDRs (the process that blends 3 photos together giving the painting like quality). When we get home I'll finish the blog and add a few HDR photos.

We're home and I'm finishing the blog.

We woke up to rain this morning but everyone was a little slow so it didn't matter. It cleared up around noon so we all decided to make plans for the afternoon. Several people decided to visit the Titanic exhibit, a couple of people went shopping and the rest of us went hiking. Ed and I were in the hiking group.

We drove the half hour drive to Smokey Mountains NP and found the trail head for the Laurel Falls. This is a popular trail so finding a parking spot wasn't easy but we eventually found one a little ways down the road.

20221102-CR7_2695view on trail.JPG
We're past the prime time for colour but the trees are still pretty.

20221102-_R7_2715 waterfall.JPG
Larry, myself, Erica and Ted (Terrance) in front of the falls.

20221102-CR7_2730 hikers.JPG


20221102-CR7_2737road and trees.JPG


The happy bride and groom.

20221102-_R7_2756ed.JPG 20221102-_R7_2757tim.JPG
Ed and my nephew Tim discussing cameras. That's Tim's "I take pictures and don't like having my picture taken" scowl.