Today Ed and I drove the short distance to Gatlinburg. It was raining lightly so Ed got to geocache on the drive. Several of the caches were in Pigeon Forge so got a good look at the town. When we were here 20 or more years ago it was home to lots of stores .... I remember the Red Roof and Green Roof areas. Now it's full of "attraction" like the Titanic, Wax Museum, buildings that look like they have fallen over, Ferris wheel. I find it really hard to describe as this place is at the opposite end of the spectrum of what Ed and I like. It probably makes Ed and I "sticks in the mud" but it's who we are plus it saved us a lot of money.

When we arrived in Gatlinburg we found more of the same but with Gondola rides thrown in. Gatlinburg is really into Halloween. Kids of all ages were walking up and down the streets in costume ---- some really good costumes by the way. The stores got into the action as well with staff dressing up and giving out treats. It really was quite the thing to see.

We only took a few photos on our walk around Gatlinburg --- yup Ed was looking for more geocaches.

20221102-_R7_2758 church .JPG
A little church near our hotel.

20221102-_R7_2761truck .JPG
One of the attractions was vehicles from the movies.


Looking back as we were walking up the road.