Finished packing up the trailer this morning and hit the road north. The valley is getting a little warm, forecast is in the 90's for the next week or so and it's too cold at home so we're going to take a couple of weeks to make the drive home. First stop is one of our favorite places in Texas, Mustang Island State Park.

We knew it would be busy here as it is the end of the 2nd March break week but we were still surprised by the scene that awaited us at the beach.

One happy puppy.

A long walk on the beach ---- what a good way to celebrate a birthday. I had chosen a seafood restaurant called Snoopy's for dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant a little before six thirty and saw the crowd waiting we rethought the eating out idea. So it was spaghetti and a salad for my birthday dinner with a promise of fish once the March Breakers have left the island.

Happy Birthday Carol!!!!