Yesterday we boated around the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, today we drove through the refuge. For whatever reason we didn't see a lot birds but we did see some other interesting things. Ed was a very good spotter .... helps that he has really powerful binoculars .... and he found a pair of Whooping Cranes way, way, way in the distance. There were people on the observation as well so we shared the siting with them.

Thistles and butterflies were everywhere.

Saw these deer from the observation platform as well.

This bullfrog was busy making a lot of noise.

On the way to the wildlife refuge is a small town, population 192, and this place with probably a population of about 10.

Back at the state park we took Zaph for a walk.

Our trailer. Pretty good location except when the wind was blowing .... almost lost the door a couple of times.

Interesting name for a beach. Apparently when the seaweed comes in this beach stands up to it's name.

Flower dog.