Approximately half way between our house in Walkerton and Ed's sister's condo in Toronto is Orangeville. Think this is the third year in a row that we have met Sonya for lunch at Greystones Inn. The food is good and the atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and chatting.

I had been told about the wood carvings in Orangeville, so we picked up a map at the information center and started walking.

20121027-20121014__MG_0227.JPG 20121027-20121014__MG_0265.JPG

20121027-20121014__MG_0268.JPG 20121027-20121014__MG_0211.JPG

These were some of my favorites. The dancer (top right) was carved by Bobbi Switzer, who has several of her carvings in Walkerton including the one in our neighbours back yard.