Castle Dome Mine and Ghost town can be found within the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Castle Dome contains the longest-working mine in Arizona. It was operated from 1862 to 1979. Silver and lead were the main metals mined in this area. After bumping and bouncing down a five mile gravel road (at least it was shorter than yesterday) we arrived at the museum. The museum is privately owned by a couple who moved the existing Castle Dome buildings to their site before the NWR tore down the buildings. Each year more buildings and artifacts are added to the museum.

Castle Dome peak is the highest point of the Castle Dome Mountains. The peak is 3,776 feet high.

The actual town of Castle Dome was spread out across several miles and included at least 5 bars.


Each of the restored buildings are filled with artifacts that would have been found in the building.


Across the road from the town site is the mining area. A lot of mines are simply holes in the ground, with the deepest being around 200 feet.

Ed wanted to talk to this fellow about insurance (he's a Gecko). OK, we watch far too much television.

This bathtub belonged to some ladies of the night. They carried the tub along with them to the different mining towns they visited.

We were walking through the "garden" where the plants had signs indicating what they were. Had to laugh when we saw this one.

One of the saloons had bottles cemented together to form sidelights around the door.