We are dependent on the Internet at the RV park as our Virgin mobile stick does not work in this area. When the park Internet is running it is really good but it, unfortunately, is down a fair bit of the time. This will make updating the blog a little more challenging as if my procrastination wasn't enough.

Palm Canyon can be found in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. The road out to the canyon is gravel but appears to be maintained so it was an easy drive. It's about a 1/2 mile hike through rocky uphill terrain to get to the view point of the canyon.

This is what you see from the view point. High in the canyon are palm trees. No one knows how old the trees are as palm trees don't have rings, but know as old trees die there are young trees to replace them.

A zoomed view of the palm trees.

Zaph came for the hike and as he couldn't scramble over the rocks, Zaph and I stayed at the view point while Ed tried to climb to the palms. He got about half way up when he ran into a vertical wall .... this photo was his view. Found out from some folks we met on our hike down that he should climb the canyon on the right side where he had chosen the left.

The hike down to the parking area.

On the drive into the canyon, we stopped and took this photo of the mountains.

Looking the other directions we saw what look like lava cones.

On the drive out of the park we saw a sign for Kofa Queen Canyon. As it was still early we decided to drive out to the canyon. After the first mile we realized that we were on a four wheel drive road that wasn't in very good condition, luckily our truck is a four wheel drive. Ed was having a good time so he decided to continue the drive. The saguaro cactus was growing in the middle of the bush. In another fifty years or so the saguaro will be much taller and may have arms while the bush will be long gone. The bush will have done its job as a saguaro nurse maid.

A view near the Kofa Queen canyon. As we approached the canyon we could see a bit of white, perhaps the roof of a small building. As we got closer we realized the white was part of a truck. Turns out a fellow from BC was camping out by the canyon. He drives into Quartzsite once a week for supplies, otherwise he enjoys the peace and quiet of the canyon. He said he has been doing this for several years.