Since we arrived in Quartzsite, Carol has been wanting to find a piece of white quartz to take home, so we decided that today is the day to go in search of white quartz. The map of the Kofa NWR showed a spot called Crystal Hill that had the notation of "collection area". We decided that this was the place to go. The road into the area was gravel and in pretty good shape. Several cars passed us heading out as we were driving in. We knew he had arrived when we save a couple of trailers parked below a hill --- a sign helped as well.

Carol and I heading off "rock hunting". We left the dogs and the boys at the truck to fend for themselves. As I didn't take a camera and couldn't see the screen to take cell phone photos there are no pictures of the areas we explored. The first hill we climbed was full of purplish and greenish rocks though we did see small bits of quartz. Another hill over and we found some small (and I mean tiny) bits of crystal where someone had cut into a section of the rock. Another hill over and we found a spot where several cuts had been made into the rock and eureka!!! there was a number of pieces of quartz on the ground in the size we were looking for. By the way there was good cell phone coverage out there .... received a call while I was looking for crystal.

Now that's the way to collect solar energy for your RV.

Ed and Zaph found this windmill that pump water into a tank. We're guessing that the water is for the wild mountain sheep.

Zaph just having a great time.

John, Zaph and Cait enjoying the view.

Looks like this saguaro is growing out of the rock.