Today was the day to see some of the nearby local sites that we like to drop into each year. First stop was Quinta Mazatlan a historic home and birding centre in McAllen. The house is surrounded by about 10 acres of woodland that is home to many different birds and animals. Unfortunately puppies are not allowed or we would visit more often.

The Clay-Colored Thrush (my bird books say Robin) is a rare visitor to south Texas.

Cute little sparrow happily posed for the camera.

Think this bat's been in the sun too long.

2nd stop today was La Lomita Chapel. This chapel was originally built in 1864. Over the years it has been rebuilt several times with the last restoration being in the last couple of years.

I think this was a monastery which was connected to the Saint Joseph and Saint Peter Seminary.

20100314-100310__D0H7605.JPG20100314-100310__D0H7610.JPG There was a sign for a nearby town so we decided to drive there. The sign on the community centre indicates this is a city ..... the population sign indicates 313 people. Now that's one small city.