Somehow Ed managed it, he was vertical, dressed, drinking coffee and ready to go by 7am. Luckily John was driving to the air show in Brownsville so Ed could slowly sip on his coffee and wake up. We arrived at the Brownsville airport around 8:15 ..... 45 minutes before the gates opened ..... I could have really used the extra 30 minutes of sleep.

The first three hours of the show were a little slow .... you could walk around and look at the planes and the stuff that was for sale. After Carol and I finished walking around we got our chairs and found a place to sit. About an hour and a half later the guys resurfaced and joined us to watch the flying portion of the show.

Ed liked the idea of this truck .... especially the gun that was mounted on the front. Good addition when driving into downtown Toronto.

Art shot .... you can just see Ed in the centre and John has on the white shirt and red hat.

"Wolf Pitts" flying the knife edge. This little plane did some amazing manoeuvres.

When these Japanese planes started flying the announcer started talking about the bombing of Pearl Harbour during WWII. Next thing I knew there were explosions and fires across the field. Definitely have a better idea of what it would have felt like to be in Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941 and even happier that I've never had to experience something like this.

Ed's favourite plane is the DC-3. This Douglas C-47 Skytrain is a military plane that was developed from the DC-3.

A10 Thunderbolt II commonly known as the Warthog. This plane was used during the war in Afghanistan.

A simulation of the result of a bomb dropped by the Warthog. We felt a rush of heat all the way across the field.

The AeroShell Aerobatic Team flying AT6 - Texan planes. This was a beautiful show to watch.

Can you find all four planes in the photo?

F/A-18 Hornet flying at 80 mph .... took full power to do it. The weather conditions weren't the best for seeing it but we did see white around the wings when the plane past the speed of sound.