Zaph has been having some tummy troubles so we put him on a chicken and rice diet. This morning we figured out the chicken and rice diet didn't work so it's off to the local veterinarian office. Not sure what's causing the problem but hopefully we brought home a solution with us --- some pills to coat his tummy, antibiotics, probiotics and special dog food.

As the day was going to be cut up we decided to visit the Old Mission Peninsula --- it's the closest item on our "to see" list.

Old Mission Peninsula located is 22 miles long and divides Grand Traverse Bay into East and West Bays. To preserve some of the history of the area (and create a tourist attraction I'm sure), quilt squares were created and displayed on barns.

Some of quilt barns we found. The barn owners chose or designed the quilt square. The designed squares told a story about either the history of the family or the family itself. Most of the quilt barns are over 100 years old.

As the peninsula is surrounded by water it has a mild climate perfect for growing grapes and fruit trees, especially cherry trees. Along with grapes are a number of wineries. We didn't stop at any of the wineries on this trip as we had Zaph with us.

The Old Mission Lighthouse is at the end of the Peninsula.

Ed spotted this little guy while we were walking down a trail.

Art shot.

My boys. As we were walking along Zaph pulled me back about 10 feet --- he had sniffed out a ball. He carried it the entire time we walked around the lighthouse and out on the beach. He dropped it just before we headed back to the truck. Guess he was leaving it for the next dog.

The drive along the peninsula was beautiful. These boats were moored just off Haserot Beach.

20130906-20130905__7D_9413.JPG 20130906-20130905__DX_2764.JPG
Geocaching wise it was also a successful day as we found 20 caches. The most interesting one was located in this out house by an Inn.