For once the weather forecast was accurate ... today is a beautiful sunny day. Perfect for exploring more of the national lakeshore.

First stop was Glen Haven a restored logging town. In the late 1800's the town was booming. There was a large dock for steamships and freighters. The steamers brought tourists to town and the freighters picked up lumber and cherries that were grown on the local farms and canned at the local cannery.

One of the buildings in Glen Haven.

The beach at Glen Haven. The seagulls are sitting on posts from the old dock.

The old cannery is now a boat museum. This unsinkable boat was used by the coast guard for search and rescue.

Down the road from Glen Haven is the Coast Guard Museum. The rail tracks are from the marine railway are were used to move boats in and out of the boat house.

Someone is having a good time.

The Sleeping Bear Dune trail afforded wonderful views of the dunes, Lake Michigan and South Manitou Island and North Manitou Island.

It almost looks like the end of the world.

If you look closely you can see South and North Manitou Islands on the horizon.

Hiking the kilometer up hill on the Pyramid Point trail was worth it.



As usual Ed managed to sneak in some geocaching. The instructions to find one of the caches led us onto a winding back road that ended at a look out. Some interesting graffiti on the sign.