I can't believe how busy the roads are around the extended Shipshewana area at least during the day. But by 5:30 pm most of the stores are closed down and the traffic is much lighter.

First stop this morning was Wakarusa. It's a small town with some nice looking buildings on it's main streets.


The hardware store still has the wall of drawers filled with all the little things you need to buy at a hardware store.

Next stop was the river walk in Elkhart. The description in the brochure made you think it was similar to the the river walk in San Antonio Texas --- it's not (at least not where we were), though it is a nice place for a stroll.



As we were in the area we decided to go to the birth place of our trailer. We could have gone on a factory tour but as we had Zaph with us and it was over 90F so we decided against it. This area of Indiana is the "land of trailer manufacturing". I think we drove by at least a half dozen different trailer companies in our travels.

A sign of the times. It was interesting that the store had to put up a sign to reserve parking for buggies. As we were leaving the parking lot a buggy pulled in and parked in front of the sign.