My mother is 90 years young today. Early in the summer I had asked her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday and she said "no party", there had been a party for her 80th birthday and she didn't need another one. That gave me a challenge as I wanted her birthday to be special. My sister, brother-in-law and one of my sister's granddaughters were coming to help celebrate and we came up with the idea of a boat tour. After researching the different tours available we chose the Serendipity Princess out of Port Severn. The captain told us we were probably a week early for the peak of the fall colours but we did have amazing weather and really enjoyed the trip.

The trip started at Lock 45 in Port Severn. Several boats went through the lock while we waited for the Serendipity Princess to return after it's morning tour.

The Serendipity Princess.

As Port Severn is a seasonal port for the tour company, you had to buy your tickets on the boat --- no problem we were near the front of the line. Unfortunately, a bus load of people arrived and they started boarding as we were buying our tickets. Ed noticing this took my mom and headed for the front of the top deck and was able to get us fantastic seats. I bought the tickets for our group (5 seniors, 1 adult and 1 child) and joined the rest of them on the top deck. It felt like the total for all the tickets was a lot lower than I expected, so once the boat was underway I went and found the fellow I had paid. The fellow was impressed that I had returned and split the difference with me, giving us a free ticket.

My mom. She was really looking forward to the boat ride.

Some of the beautiful scenery we passed on the way to Big Chute.

One of the "small" cottages we passed.

Little Chute. The narrowest part of the trip.

There wasn't a lot of colour but this tree tried it's best to show off "fall colours".

Big Chute Marine Railway is lock 44 on the Trent-Severn Waterway. A carriage is lowered into the water and the boats drive onto it. Once the boats are secured the carriage begins to move up or down depending on the direction you are going, lifting the boats out of the water. When the carriage reaches the other end of the lock, it again goes into the water allowing the boats to drive off.

If you look closely at the photo you can see that some of the men are adjusting their pants. Initially, they were lined up at the railing waving at us, then they mooned the boat. Good laugh for all of us.

A couple more scenery shots. It really was a beautiful day for a boat ride.



You can't celebrate a birthday without cake or at least cupcakes.
We were all ready for a snack when we got off the boat, so I thought it was the perfect time for cake. Not the prettiest decorated cupcakes but they got the message across.

I booked rooms for all of us the Best Western in Midland. For my mom and brother I had booked a King Suite --- a bedroom with a king size bed and a pull out couch in the living room (gave them privacy and mom the help she needs in a unfamiliar place as she is legally blind). Mom was impressed with the large rooms, TV's in both rooms and the jacuzzi tub. Yup, after we had a "cool" time in the hotel's hot tub mom tried out the jacuzzi. Don't think she wanted to miss out on anything. Oh, ya we also went out for a very nice dinner in Midland.