The house decorating looks a little better in the dark with the lights on.

Zaph had a rough day this week. Last winter Zaph "slab-fractured" one of his back teeth and at his check up this year the vet noticed a bit of infection. After a lot (and I mean a lot) of deliberating Ed and I decided to let the vet operate and remove the tooth. When Zaph went in for pre-op blood work we saw the surgeon for a few minutes and in that short time she noticed a couple of other fractured teeth. In the end Zaph had four teeth removed plus three roots (the tooth belong to the roots was long gone). Happily he got through surgery without any issues. Zaph has been tough on his teeth during his fourteen years. We didn't know until a couple of years ago that tennis balls are like sand paper and wear the teeth down. Anyone who knows Zaph knows he loved his tennis balls. Now he loves his "chuck-it" balls but a lot of the damage was already done. Zaph seems to be healing well and is really enjoying the canned dog food. He better not get to use to the canned food because it's incredibly expensive -- Ed calculated that it would cost over $300 a month. Zaph is recovering well and I'm sure I'll be posting photos of him playing soon.