Last Saturday my mother broke her hip. Why a 91 year old legally blind woman thought she needed to be raking leaves is a mystery to me. Maybe in another 30 years or so I'll understand the motivation. Anyway she slipped on leaves or lost her balance and landed on the patio, breaking her hip at the top of the leg. Surgery on Sunday evening involved putting a pin into the hip. Monday saw her first tentative steps on the mended leg. Today, five days after the fall she is spending the day between sitting in a regular chair in her room or walking the halls with a walker and supervision. The staff on 2 East are impressed with her rapid recovery. Me, her daughter, believes the speedy recovery is due to 1) her will power to be better and 2) her core strength due to taking pilates 2 days a week for 2 years and a life time of exercise. Hopefully, watching my mother deal with the broken hip will strengthen my resolve to staying in shape and strengthening my core muscles.

Way to go mom!