One of the things that I have come to dislike in my home is the bathroom window ... or more specifically the lack of a bathroom window. The previous owners decided to go the glass block way.

It looked OK and it let some light in but did nothing for airing the bathroom out. We have a bathroom vent but it doesn't replace opening a window and letting the room air out.

This past summer I finally convinced Ed to let me talk to one of our neighbours whose company does windows and siding. Jim came and looked at the glass blocks and said he could replace them with a window. Finally earlier this week, Jim stopped by and said that they were ready to install the window.

It's a skinny window but I love it already and I haven't even had the opportunity to open it.

Installation wasn't quite as Jim had imagined it. The blocks were securely cemented into place and had been filled with a gas. The installation guys ended up breaking the glass blocks to get them out. Unfortunately, a big piece of glass hit the top edge of the tub taking out a chunk of the porcelain. Within a couple of days, Jim had a guy in repairing the tub. It looks good as new.

Luckily the fellow didn't mind dogs as Zaph was determined to supervise.

My mother was released from the hospital yesterday and is back in her home. She's doing pretty good and is managing with some help from my brother.