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On Tuesday we celebrated Christmas with my mother and brother in Burlington. As my mom is still recovering from the broken hip I cooked a chicken dinner and baked a raspberry pie. It was very good if I say so myself. It'll take time but my mother is getting a little better everyday. I think the hardest part for her is the frustration she feels as she can't do all the things she was able to do a month ago.

With everything going on this month the house was only minimally decorated for Christmas.

The tree is easy to put up as it stays decorated all year in it's box.

The mantle was mostly cards, but it did help to bring the Christmas spirit into the house.

Zaph watched me intently as I opened his Christmas present --- a bag of dog cookies. He happily tried one.

Just after 3am this morning I looked out the window and saw a thin layer of snow on the grass. Around 6am, there was still a bit of snow but it was definitely melting. By 8am, when Ed woke up the snow was all but gone. Does this count as a white Christmas? After all the snow last winter, the cool summer and the November blizzard I'm alright with a green Christmas. In fact if we only get minimal snow this year I'll be happy.

Ed, Zaph and I took a walk down by the river. The river is high and running like it does in the spring.



The only dog that ever tried to bite Zaph was a little white fluffy dog, so he's always cautious when he sees one. He had a bit of the deer in the headlights look when he saw these three coming at him. Luckily they were friendly.

Ed and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at our friends Anne and Victor. It was a very nice though quiet Christmas Day.