Our friends Bob and Jean live in Bella Vista Arkansas and as it's not far off the route home we stopped in for a visit.

When we stopped to register at the RV park the people in the truck behind us called Ed over. They had noticed a bulge in one of the rear trailer tires. As it was on the inside of the tire we probably would never caught it. When Ed removed the tire there was a big rip in the rubber though the tire was still inflated and at pressure. First thing Monday morning Bob phoned a couple of tire places (he had a telephone book and we didn't) and located a tire for us. The rest of the morning was spent retrieving the tire and installing it.

While the boys were out tire shopping, Jean and I took Zaph for a walk through the park that's attached to the RV park.

Years ago I read a book about Sam Walton and decided that I wanted to check out the Wal-Mart museum which is in downtown Bentonville. The down town area has been restored.

The Wal-Mart museum is in the original Walton five and dime building --- the store where it all started. The museum chronicles all of the major events in the life of Wal-Mart. It also has a section dedicated to the Walton family .... especially Sam. Sam must have been a really nice guy as he really like his dogs.

Sam's daughter Alice (ranked the 13th wealthiest American in 2005 with a net worth of $18 billion) is behind the building of Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville. The projected started in the fall of 2006 and will hopefully be completed within the next couple of years. When completed it will contain an Art Gallery, teaching rooms, concert area and much more. To see photos of what it will look like when completed go to www.crystalbridges.org