Krewe of the Little Rascals was founded in 1983 and was a vision of a couple who believed that the Carnival spirit of the old New Orleans should live and breathe through our youth as well as through our adults. Members range in age from two to eighteen years old. The parade is in Metairie and is in easy walking distance from the townhouse.

The Farhad Grotto Bug Patrol. This group supports Dentistry for Children with Special Needs.

The parade has several groups of horses --- cowboys and Indians, a posse and kids on ponies.

Every parade needs a king and queen,

fancy costumes,

and fun floats. Each time a float came by the crowd would call out to encourage items to be thrown and the kids on the floats would oblige throwing beads, coins, candy, cups and toys to the crowd.

I think every school band, school cheer leading squad and dance group in the area was in the parade. We were near the end of the parade and could tell which groups went in a lot of parades (still doing their routines) and which ones did not (out of formation and just walking hoping the end is near).


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The weather had been co-operating but suddenly a black cloud appeared and the rain came down. Luckily it only lasted about 5 minutes --- we even had some sun afterwards. Some kids were prepared and had rain ponchos, one group of girls scattered and ran for cover while others just kept marching.


A lot of beads, toys and candy were left on the road. Ed did talk to one fellow who was collecting beads for a school parade --- good idea to reuse then buy. I talked to a police officer who told me that a leaf blower crew would blow items from the boulevard and side of the road to the center of the road. A sweeper would follow them picking up all the debris.