The French Quarter really is a nice place to stroll around. John wanted to get some more photos down there and Carol and I were quite happy to go to Cafe du Monde again and Ed wanted to do some shopping. Yup, Ed. He started collecting souvenir shot glasses a few years ago and hadn't picked one up for New Orleans yet.

At Cafe du Monde, the cafe au lait and hot beignets were just the right thing to warm you up after walking in the
cold wind.


20150204-20150202__DX_5929a.JPG 20150204-20150202__DX_5931.JPG

We wandered around the French Market and tourist shops for a few hours. Think we got all the souvenirs we wanted. Stopped at a restaurant for a bowl of gumbo and caught the street car for home. Ed was not a happy camper when we got to the truck (the truck was parked at the top of Canal street where we get on the street car). A vehicle had driven by and caught the edge of the driver's side mirror breaking the cover over the turn signal. I think we were just lucky that was all the damage that was done. The mirror is fine, don't think there's even a scratch on it. Ed, of course, drove to a Toyota dealer to find out out how the damage was going to cost us. Turns out it's an inexpensive cover and we don't have to replace anything but the cover.