It was a beautiful sunny day today. Could have been a little warmer but not complaining. One of the items on our "to do" list was drive the Lake Pontchartrain causeway. Not because it yields a beautiful view, or is an interesting structure but because it is the longest continuous bridge over water in the world.

It is actually a boring 23.8 miles of mostly flat straight road. There is a couple of spots in the road when there are hills which spans navigation channels. The causeway is two bridges supported by 9,500 concrete pillars. This photo shows us coming down the hill. About every five miles is a turnaround --- a small bridge joining the two bridges.

The storm surge after Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005) was lower at this bridge then it was at the twin span bridge on highway 10. Thus less damage was done to the causeway then the bridge on I10. The causeway reopened on September 19, 2005 and was used as the major route for recovery teams staying in the highlands to the north. Thought that was an interesting piece of information.

20150206-20150205__7D_1086.JPG 20150206-20150205__7D_1096.JPG
Mileage markers were every 1/2 mile on the causeway. Wouldn't want to be on it if there was an accident. Today was an exciting day for Ed. He reached the 1,000 caches found milestone. He's a little behind the top geocachers who have found over 100,000 caches.

Ed with his 1,000th geocache.

Instead of driving back along the causeway, we drove around the west end of Lake Pontchartrain. There is a lot of swamp at this end of the lake and what looks like a small town built in the swamp. This photo was taken while driving down the highway.

We exited the highway and got on a lesser highway where we could stop. We found a boat launch area and could see some of the homes in the water.

Thought this place was interesting ... built to look like a lighthouse.