I think I spent the last two weeks in hibernation as I wasn't ready for the extreme cold after a month in more moderate weather. I can handle minus 5 Celsius but -20 to -30 is a bit much. Zaph is the only one who likes the cold and he can only handle this extreme cold for a few minutes at a time. My car even complained about the weather, Little Blue would start at -22C but would groan before she did. I didn't even try to start my car when it was -32C. The only good thing about the weather was there were just a few minor snow falls and lots of sun.

Here's a few pictures of the snow just after we got back from New Orleans.

You have to admit the snow makes it very pretty.

There's a reasonable amount of snow but definitely less than last year and definitely less than the east coast.

Not sure when the ice developed as it hasn't been above freezing for more than 2 months.

One of Ed's jobs when we got home was to dig out paths in the backyard for Zaph.