One of the things on our "to do" list for Provo was kayaking and today we got to check it off. We picked "the eco trip" that took us through Mangrove Cay and over to Little Water Cay.

Ed and I opted for single man kayaks.

Starting through Mangrove Cay. During high tide this area is under water. The Mangrove roots are happy in salt water and provide a safe habitat for young sea life.

A "upside down" jelly fish. This particular jelly fish normally has the jelly side down and the tentacle side up as it has a symbiotic relationship with algae.

Little Water Cay has a beautiful beach where we cooled.

This cay is an iguana sanctuary and is home to 3 to 4 thousand iguanas. Scientists recently counted 3,000 of them and assume they may have missed up to a thousand of the iguanas. This one is a female.

This is a male iguana.

Every Thursday evening is the Fish Fry at the Bight Children's Park. A number of restaurants set up tents offering conch, grilled lobster, jerk chicken, fried fish (of course), etc. A number of local artisans are also there selling there wares.



20151204-20151203_dancing 2.JPG
A DJ was on stage keeping the crowd dancing.

A Jamaican band also performed.

If you ever come to the Turks and Caicos make sure you go to the Thursday night fish fry.