There's been a little more than normal cloud and rain during our visit to Provo, but today is picture perfect.

Today we explored the Cooper Jack area, the only section of the island we haven't seen. The Cooper Jack area has a lot of inlets or canals, so lots of properties on the water and lots of spots to park boats.

This one seems to have a slight problem. It's still afloat but not sure that it's going to stay that way for long.

Being a "perfect day" meant mandatory time at the beach. Grace Bay beach was the beach of choose and not only dip we go for a swim but Ed and I also took a long walk.

These birds (maybe sandpipers) were also out for a stroll.

Lots of little catamarans were out on the water.


20151205-20151204__7D_6398.JPG 20151205-20151204__7D_6421.JPG
Most of the catamarans we saw belonged to the resorts. The blue one belongs the resort Beaches.

There were even a few yachts anchored off the shore. "Kiss the Sky" is 159 feet long and built in 2001.