Sonya had suggested going to a movie Christmas Day and Ed thought that was a good idea.

20160105-20151225_100352.jpg 20160105-20151225_100511.jpg
Guess what we went to see. We ordered our tickets about 10 days before Christmas for a 10:45 showing of Star Wars in a VIP theatre. We were even able to reserve our seats.
Sonya said Ed looked like an alien with his 3D glasses on (we opted to not see the movie in 3D but were given the glasses when gave our tickets).

The inside of the VIP theatre. Very comfy stadium seating. You even get food and beverage service.

We had planned on having Dim Sum for lunch/dinner but the line up was very, very long. After waiting about ten minutes we decided to go else where. Eventually we found a middle eastern restaurant that was open and had lamb kabobs with humus and an eggplant dip.

Boxing Day morning we went back to the Dim Sum restaurant and managed to get in after only waiting a couple of minutes. By time we left there was a lineup.