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Video Travel Shows

Want to know what it like to drive a RV into Alaska, hike the Inca Trail to the lost city of Machu Picchu in Peru,

see Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco,

the beauty of Utah's parks,

the wonders of Turkey.....

Come with us on our travels to such places as:

Alaska, Western and Southern USA, Canada, Peru, China, Morocco, Turkey, the UK... the list keeps growing

During our travels we have taken many tens of thousands of photographs and hours of videos, which we have combined into video travel shows using the latest in digital technology.

The shows are both entertaining, and educational, combining still images,video clips, maps that detail our travel, local sounds, background music and vocal narration.

The shows should provides the viewer with a good understanding of what we saw on our travel, where and how to get there.

If you are considering going to some of these places, these shows will be of interest.

All shows are on a standard video DVD that plays on your home video system or computer*, and are created in modern wide screen format (letter box)

*a DvD drive and movie playback software is required for PC playback

Click here to see a sample of the shows (streaming video of 9 MB)

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Alaska 2005
A trip to the Yukon, Alaska and northern BC by RV.

This show chronologs our travels, starting at Dawson Creek BC , following the Alcan highway, north to Dawson City, then on to Alaska via. the "top of the world highway", and returning back into Northern BC

Alaska sites visited: Chicken, Tok, Delta Junction, Fairbanks, the arctic Circle, Anchorage, Seward, Homer, Palmer, Skagway, Haines, Valdez, Talkeenta, Denali NP. Our return to Canada includes Steward&Hyder, and on to Prince George.

61 minutes

813 images

$14.95 including postage*
British Columbia


British Columbia

This show covers BC starting at Prince George, and heading south by RV. Touring Vancouver Island, then inland to BC's interior sections to the Kotenay lake near the edge of Alberta, as well as a bit of coverage of our drive south into Montana

(This show continues from where the Alaska show ends)

46 minutes

572 images

$14.95 including postage*
UTAH 2005
Parks of Utah

This show covers the geographic beauty of Utah, focusing on the following parks:

Arches NP, Canyonland NP, deadhorse SP, Bryce Canyon, SP, Zion NP, the Moab Valley and some of the surrounding areas and places seen on route

(It follows from where British Columbia 2005 ends)

45 minutes

391 images

$14.95 including postage*



This show covers our month stay in Nevada and includes images from many trips to Las Vegas's "the Strip", as well as touring the Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam, Mead Lake, Death Valley (CA), and other local sites.

(this show continues from where Utah ends)

36 minutes

410 images

$14.95 including postage*



This show covers our travels in Arizona, entering from Nevada and driving south to Quartzite, then on to Yuma and it surrounding area, from there to Tucson and its Pima Air museum, finally to Tombstone and some of the smaller towns and ghost town that surround it.

31 minutes

403 images

$14.95 including postage*

spring 2006

Texas (two disk set)

We spend two months in Texas during the spring of 2006, visiting such areas as Big Bend National park, "The Valley", Mustang Island, San Antonio, Fredericksburg and hill country, Lorado, Tyler, Ink's lake, and many points in between and as well as a section of "Just Birds"

Disk A

39 minutes

590 images

Disk B

33 minutes

514 images

$24.95 for two disks including postage*
The Silk Route of China

This show reveals what we saw on our trip to China that followed the ancient Silk Route during 1995. Starting at Beijing and it's many treasures, we fly west to the desert city of Kashgar, returning east by car and train, following along the famous silk trading route ending at Xi'an, then a visit to Shanghi before returning

42 minutes

636 images

$14.95 including postage*
The Mystery of Morocco

See what we saw in our travels from Cassablanca to Fes, then to the great sand dunes of the Sahara desert, the markets of Marrakesh, hiking in the high Atlas mountains visiting the Berber villages within, and on to the coastal town of Essaouira

33 minutes

556 images

$14.95 including postage*

Peru, the Land of the Inca

Covers our three week trip to Peru in 1999, from the western coast city of Lima, by bus south to the Nazca lines area, Hiking the Inca trails to Machu Picchu, sights of Cuzco, train ride to Lake Titicaca, and a visit to the Amazon Jungle

45 minutes

456 images

$14.95 including postage*
coming soon
  • England and Scotland
  • Wales and England and its canal boats
  • Gaspe Peninsula
  • New Mexico
  • Texas 2007
  • Turkey
  • Rome

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