Our current location, and route traveled

OVERALL PROGRESS, 26440 KM SO FAR hauling the trailer

at Monroe CT

(based on GPS mapping program for above route)

Detailed map current area

(currently at location in red block)

For City (waypoint) name ( Canada Alaska USA )

to Monroe CT 2006.05.01

to Branson MO 2006.04.24

to Eurika Springs AR 2006.04.21

to Tyler TX (Tyler) on 2006.04.12

to Fredericksburg TX (fredericks) on 2006.04.04

to San Antonio TX (SanAntonio) on 2006.04.01

to Port Aransas TX (portAransa) on 2006.03.01

to Mercedes TX (merced) on 2006.01.25

to Casa Blanca Lake SP at Lorado TX (casabla) on 2006.01.23

to Big Bend NP (Boquil) on 2006.01.18

to Fort Stockton TX on 2006.01.17

to St. David AZ (StDavi) on 2006.01.14

To Tucson AZ on 2006.01.10

to Yuma AZ on 2005.12.01

to Las Vegas NV on 2005.10.26

to Zion NP on 2005.10.23

to Bryce Canyon NP on 2005.10.21

to Moab UT on 2005.10.17

to Springville UT on 2005.10.16

to Blackfoot ID on 2005.10.15

to Missoula MT (Missou) on 2005.10.14

to Lardeau BC (Lardeau) on 2005.10.11

to Creston BC (cresto) on 2005.09.29 via Halcyon and Ainsworth Hot Springs

to Vernon BC(vernon) on 2005.09.23

to Victoria BC on 2005.09.15

to Tofino BC(Tofino) on 2005.09.11

to Port Alberni BC(PortAl) on 2005.09.09

to Parksville BC (parksv) on 2005.09.02

to Cambell River (Campb1) on 2005.08.31

to Telegraph Cove BC (teleg1) on 2005.08.30

to Nanaimo BC (namaim) on 2005.08.29

to Squamish BC on 2005.08.27

to Clinton BC on 2005.08.26

to Prince George BC (PrinceG) on 2005.08.23

to Smithers BC(Smite) on 2005.08.20

to Hyder AK and Stewart BC (beside each other) on 2005.08.18

to Dease Lake BC (DeaseL) on 2005.08.17

with side trip out to Telegraph creek by truck only

to Whitehorse YK (Whiteh) on 2005.08.14

to Dezadeash Lake YK (Dezade) on 2005.08.10

to Haines AK (Haines) on 2005.08.08

to Destruction Bay YK (destru) on 2005.08.07

to Tok AK (tok) on 2005.08.06

to Glenallen AK (Genna) on 2005.08.05

to Veldez (Valdez) on 2005.08.04

to Palmer (Palmer) on 2005.07.29

to Homer (homer) on 2005.07.20

to Clam Gulch (clamgu) on 2005.07.19

to Soldota (soldot) on 2005.07.18

to: Seward (Seward) on 2005.07.13

to: Anchorage (anchor) on 2005.07.10

to: Talkeetna (talkee) on 2005.07.07

to: Denali National Park (Denali) on 2005.07.04

to: the Artic Circle (ARTIC) and back to Fairbanks as of 2005.07.02

to: North Pole AK (NorthP) as of 2005.06.26

to: Tok AK (Tok) as of 2005.06.25

To: Chicken AK (Chicken) as of 2005.06.24

to: Dawson City YK (Dawso1) as of 2005.06.21

to: Whitehorse YK (Whiteh) as of 2005.06.16

to: Skagway AK (Skagwa)

to: Watson Lake YK (Watson)

Dawson Creek BC (Dawson)

map of the Alaska-Yukon portion from 2005