Mardi Gras

This year they decided to try something new and I think it went over really well. The new "thing" was a Mardi Gras celebration with the highlight being a parade. My neighbour Linda thought a few of us should ride our bikes in the parade which I agreed was a good idea. Then we ended up with a golf cart to decorate (needed something for Zaph to ride in) and we were recruited to help the couple across the street decorate their four wheeler. Our trip to "ropa" a couple of weeks ago (you remember the place where you buy clothes by the pound) was to find our "costumes" and costumes we found. This past week we worked on decorating ideas and finally today we were in the parade. The parade was split into two parts --- a daytime parade leading us all to dinner and a night parade so we could enjoy the lights. The daytime parade consisted of 17 golf carts, 1 four wheeler with trailer and 6 bicycles. The night parade included 4 golf carts (they were in the daytime parade as well) and 9 motorcycles or trikes. I was very happy to see lots of people out to watch the parade and cheer us on. After dinner we were entertained by some great home grown talent (they were all from our park).

This blog took a while to put together as I had to collect photographs from those that watched. I know it's hard to believe that Ed didn't take any photographs but he couldn't figure out a way to ride his bicycle in the parade and take pictures of everything. Thanks Jean, Zack, Rosetta, John, Pat and Jim for copies of your photos.

I got caught!!! Needed a nap before the big parade.

Ed and I waiting for the parade to begin. Ed was very proud of his tail.

Five of the six bicycles in the parade. Ed and Glen won first and second prize for bicycles --- somehow that didn't see quite right as Linda and I found their costumes and decorated their bikes. From left to right Glen, Linda, Clarence (behind Linda), me, and Harold on the 3 wheeler behind me. Ed was racing ahead.

One of the prize winning golf carts.

Judy and the pups. There were 6 dogs in the parade.

Zaph and his chauffeur Bob. Zaph had a good time till Bob tried to shoot someone with a can of silly string. Luckily the cart was stopped when Zaph decided to get off. After Bob promised not to spray anyone Zaph agreed to get back on the cart. (guess Zaph doesn't like aresol spray cans).

Everett and Linda, the couple who live across the road from us, wanted to drive their four wheeler in the parade but didn't have any ideas on decorating. I thought we did a good job decorating Everett and Linda, the four wheeler and trailer not so good. Little Max (a mini poodle) was sitting up front with Everett. It's hard to believe that Everett had a massive hard attack in mid December and here it is mid February and he's driving his four wheeler in a parade. Being fit before the attack seems to have aided the remarkable recovery.

One of the motorcycles in the night parade.

Ken and Carol on the winning motorcycle.

The "committee" did a great job decorating the hall.

A couple of the entertainers.

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