Rancho el Charco

In December a woman from Rancho El Charco came and spoke to us about the Rancho. It is located in the small town of La Joya about 15 minutes west of us. Rancho El Charco has both historical and nature significance --- the land was part of the ranching operation on the original land grant made by the King of Spain and some of the cactuses found here are not found anywhere else in the Texas. After the presentation several of us decided that it may be fun and at the very least something different to do, so we chose to the package that includes a covered wagon ride, a nature/history tour and a meal. At the end of the day we all decided that it was quite enjoyable.

The covered wagon.

The current owner of the property owns a film company mainly producing movies. Throughout the property you see props that were used in some of the comericials. In one spot is a small man made lake complete with large rocks, a waterfall, a swinging bridge and a pavillon. This spot is currently used for wedding --- I don't remember if it was ever used for a comercial.

An old wagon.

One of the lovely views.

Part of the tour included a "tree walk". This walk has many of the trees native to this area of Texas including several very rare trees. A number of trees have been planted in the last year or so but some others have been growing here for years. We timed our trip well as several of the trees had just come out in bloom.

There is also a restaurant on the property. This is where we ate our meal. The restaurant is situated on another man made lake and offers a full menu plus live entertainment daily. There were a number of winter texans there enjoying a cool drink and dancing to the country western music.

Ed liked this sign.

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