Visiting with the Girls

Today the girls, that's Splash and Mexi, came to visit --- oh Colin and Margaret came with them. As it was too windy to barbecue we went Chinese and ate soup and stir fry for dinner. Margaret brought a pineapple, coconut crisp ..... just a little rum flavoured whipping cream and it would have been perfect, mind you it was excellent the way it was.

Mexi was very funny. When she saw Zaph she decided that she didn't need to get out of the truck and when she finally was coxed out of the truck she walked around it and tried to get in the other door. Eventually she decided that Zaph was OK. Later when we were all in the trailer, she was sitting on Margaret's lap on but jumped to the couch to bark at Zaph and keep him from getting on the couch. Poor guy didn't know what to do as I had invited him to get on the couch.

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