This blog won't let me add an entry dated 2016/12/31 so I'm combining it with 2017/01/01

Could believe my eyes when I woke up this morning, there was more snow. It snowed all day and finally let up around 5 pm. Not sure why but we clean the driveway three times today. I guess I thought it was going to quit snowing anytime as it was just a narrow band of snow. Unfortunately, the band sat still centered over Walkerton.



Hope this is the start of a year of beautiful weather. It was sunny all day and a very comfortable temperature for winter. We took advantage of the good weather and brought in the outdoor Christmas decorations. We're leaving for Florida in about 10 days and don't want to be having to take decorations down we we get back. Ed took a lot of photos today, but none I want to share. When he was cleaning his camera equipment after we returned from Costa Rica he noticed a problem with one of his favourite lenses. He sent it to Canon for repair. The quote to fix the old lens was about half the price of a new better lens. Guess what Ed decided to do. The photos he took today were of lines so he could compare the two lenses. Yes, the new lens did a much better job than the old lens.