I remembered something today. It's not fun to walk a dog in the rain especially when you didn't put on all your rain gear. We also learned something about Amy today. She doesn't like the blow dryer but she does enjoy a vigorous rub with a towel.


A few weeks ago my brother telephoned and told me that mom's dryer was no longer running. He changed fuses and tried a few other things but couldn't get it to run. Luckily, David didn't mind taking the wet laundry to the laundromat to dry it till Ed could make it down to Burlington with me. Ed brought a tool kit with me expecting that he'd get to tear the dryer apart. No such luck, the problem was a broken shaft inside the dryer knob. A bit of wire got the the knob back in working order and a spare universal knob was purchased as a back up. As he had lots of spare time, Ed did a few other minor repairs. Amy spent the time getting lots of attention.

I think my mom was more excited about Amy coming to visit than Ed fixing her dryer.