Today Ed will be shooting the rest of the photographs for the VON calendar. I get to be his assistant.

The people working at the VON and the people attending the day program were wonderful. Everyone was willing to help and happily put up with Ed and all of his equipment invading their space. The girls were fantastic to work with. I think they brought most of their waredrobes with them as they needed to wear different clothes in each photo. Now if only the weather had co-operated. A few photos taken outside and the photographer's assistant was required to hold a umbrella over the photographer for a couple of the photos. Lucky girls were standing under the building overhangs.



Here's three photos that ended up in the calendar.



20171003-K_DX_2917c FILM.jpg
The woman at the VON that worked with us was able to obtain a few old VON uniforms. We were all pleasantly surprised when the girls put the uniforms on and they fit. Interesting story behind this house. Yesterday we drove around town looking for an old house with a large porch that could be used for "the vintage photograph". We found this, knocked on the door and asked if we could use the porch. As we talked with the house owner we found out that her granddaughter is this years Mount Forest Fall Fair queen. Allison, the Ontario Mid-West Queen, was last years Mount Forest Fall Fair queen. So, yes we could use her porch. The doctor's bag that Allison is holding is an old doctor's bag from another one of our neighbours. RJ retired from his medical practice after 58 years.