This morning we said our farewells to P-town and started down the highway. Today we were looking for geocaches and windmills and we were reasonably successful on both accounts. We found four windmills today and they all looked almost identical to the one we found yesterday. Guess that's what happens when they are made during the same time period at the same place.

An oxen would be attached to the bar so the blades could be moved to catch the wind.

The windmills are in different town parks. This one was with a one room house and a black smith shop. It also had a fish perched on the roof.

This windmill has a swordfish wind vane on the roof.

20171021-20171019__5D_0335.JPG 20171021-20171019__7D_0180_1_2.jpg
and this one's roof was smaller than the others. Ed found his way to the middle of the labyrinth. We've only seen a couple of labyrinths in our travels but we thought this one was well done.

The lighthouse and coastguard station in Chatham. We saw a couple of girls walking in the water here, so I stuck my finger in ---- it was cold!

We also saw a number of cute harbours on our drive.

The summer hustle and bustle at the beach is gone replaced with dog walkers and off season tourists.

This fellow was on sentry duty sitting on a post by the parking lot. You had to get pretty close to him before he'd fly away and then it was only a couple of minutes before he was back.

The motel owner recommended Marshland Restauant and Bakery so we decided to check it out. Ed ordered one of the specials --- Pork Schnizle with apples and sourcraut. His face was priceless when his food was brought to our table --- the vegetable was squash and we all know how Ed feels about squash. I think squash and sweet potatoes are the only vegetables he won't eat. I ordered meatloaf and also got squash ---- it was wonderful. In fact the entire meal was very good especially the Lobster bique.