We have another longish drive ahead of us --- 5 1/2 hours as we decided to drive the longer scenic route. What makes it long is the stops we'll do along the way.

This morning we woke up to a view that is all a lot of visitors get to see at Mount Cook ---- Mount Cook in the clouds. We were so lucky to have to sunny days here.

On the drive out of Mount Cook we stopped at the same view point did on the drive in and took a similar photo. Definitely no top of Mount Cook and definitely not as good of a photo.

Another great view on the today's drive.

20180225__7D_7799_800_801.jpg 20180225__7D_7823A.JPG
The first church is in Lake Tekapo and it has an amazing view. The second church is in Burkes Pass village.

This is a view from the waterfront by the church and can be seen from inside the church.

Ed was able to take a few photos while I took my turn driving today (ignore the marks due to shooting through a window).

Both of us are fascinated by the hedges. Sometimes the approximately 25 foot hedges would be near a building, sometimes they would just be in a field, sometimes you could see under the hedge, sometimes the hedge would grow to the ground. The top was cut flat and the sides squared up.

In larger towns and cities the bridges were two lanes but in smaller towns and on less busy roads one lane bridges were a lot more common. Before you drive onto the bridge you are suppose to check and ensure the way is clear but sometimes on the longer bridges that is hard to do so the build a "pull out" for passing.

View of the Rakaia River.

We've arrived in Christchurch and have a hotel near the airport, really near the airport. 700 metres, about a 5 minutes walk. Our flight tomorrow leaves at 6:30 am. If we arrive 3 hours ahead we'll get there just as they are unlocking the doors to the terminal. I think we're going to live dangerously and arrive around 3:45am or maybe even 4:00am. I can't believe these times. The other flight we had a choice on was at 6:15am so maybe 6:30am isn't so bad. We don't have to walk to the airport as the hotel has an on demand shuttle. I just have to sleep walk Ed to the lobby, push him on the shuttle, push him off the shuttle and then a bit more sleep walking. Think I'll wake him up in Sydney.