This morning we boarded the bus for a short drive to Siq Al Barid (Little Petra) where we visited Al Beidha, a neolithic village, and Little Petra.

Al Beidha dates back 9000 years and along with Jericho constitute one of the oldest archaeological sites in the Middle East. This settlement was abandoned in 6000 BC keeping the site intact (thanks Lonely Planet). Which makes this site unique from other neolithic sites we've seen.

Little Petra is thought to have served as a trading post and supply depot for visiting caravans.

I love the mix of natural formations in the rock, elaborate carvings and simple caves.

After an interesting climb we looked at a vivid fresco of vines, flowers and birds on the ceiling of a cave. This is a rare example of Nabataean painting.

Climbing down after viewing the painting on the ceiling.

On the drive back to Wadi Musa, we stopped to admire the view of Petra.

This afternoon we had free time where we could go to a couple of the local museums, hang out at the hotel, walk around town or back into Petra. Guess where we went ..... you guessed it ---- Petra.

The light on the Treasury was amazing. I'm not sure if these guys are suppose to be Romans or Knights guarding the Holy Grail in the Indiana Jones movie.

There were definitely a lot more people at 12 noon then at 7 am. Our objective was to hike the trail to the Monastery which meant we had to walk most of the way through the site. We had hoped that a lot of people wouldn't walk this trail but that wasn't the case.

On top of all the people on the trail there were the donkeys who were taking people to the top and back down. It was interesting when the trail narrowed and donkeys and people were trying to get by.

Looking back as we ascend the trail. Any place the trail was wide enough stands were setup selling scarfs, jewelry, pieces of rock, juice, ect.

Another view along the trail, this time looking up. I love how trees will grow anywhere they can.

Not sure why this donkey was wandering around loose but he found a spot with an amazing view. I just love the colour of the rocks.

We made it --- the Monastery. The size of all of the carved out buildings makes you feel very small.

There was a small outcropping of rocks on which there was a trail to top and view point. This view of the Monastery is from part way up that trail.
We did go up to the top and bought a refreshment from a Bedouin and had an interesting chat with him.

Back down and walking back towards the Treasury. Who can resist camels --- I think they are so cute.

And then there are goats --- gotta love those ears and faces.