An uneventful drive --- hooray!!!!! First day we drove about 750km stopping in Blytheville, Arkansas at a Walmart. For some reason a lot of the Walmart's in Arkansas put up height barriers to keep trucks out of their parking lots including this Walmart. Luckily one entrance was missing part of the barrier so us plus several other RVer's were able to get in. Ate the last two pasties we made at the RV park this winter ---- yum. Now I'll have to try and make some myself.

Second day we drove around 870km to Auburn, Indiana stopping at --- you guessed it ---- a Walmart. Ed entered the location of this Walmart into his GPS marking it as a great overnight spot as it was perfect. Close to the highway but far enough off so it didn't sound like the traffic was driving through the RV, easy to get into parking lot (no barriers!!) and not to busy.

Having driven a little further than we planned on day 2 we only had to drive around 580km today. The border crossing was a breeze --- drove straight up to a kiosk, handed over our ID, answered a few questions and drove off. Arrived home at 3:30pm giving us time to unload things we didn't want to freeze and winterize the trailer.