Zaph's friend Maggie spent Sunday afternoon with us while her parents went to the city (Toronto). Ed and I took the pair of them for a long walk (over 7 km) around Walkerton. In the evening when I headed out to walk with my neighbour Zaph and Maggie insisted on coming along. About a kilometer from the house Zaph dragged Ellen across the road and started home ---- guess he tired from his afternoon walk just wanted a short walk.


Waiting for the ball to be thrown .... Zaph in his ready position and Maggie just standing calmly waiting.

A great catch by Zaph!!!! Maggie had already caught her ball.

The big project of the summer is tearing down the old paneling and drywall in the theater room, insulating the walls and putting up new drywall. As with all renovation projects there are little surprises.

Ed didn't think he would need to build the wall before he could put the drywall up --- there was a stud at each end of the old piece of drywall but none in the middle. Guess no-one read the building code.

The strapping still needs to be removed from the cement wall. The insulation Ed is using goes against the wall and has channels for the strapping. The studs in the end wall are on 20 inch centers so Ed will be adding some studs to get 16 inch centers. The utility room is seen through the wall.

Ed found a few surprises --- a wire that was attached to the main water pipe that went across the ceiling and was dangling down by the heating ducts; a cold air return that was covered by the ceiling tiles but nothing really bad.