I'm not sure if Ed enjoyed the quiet of the last few days or it the hacking and coughing cancelled it. The head cold I had been fighting turned into laryngitis and a cough. If I could have temporarily removed a four inch section of neck I would have felt fine.

I was at about 60% today and as there is no charge on the first Sunday of every month we decided to go to Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. It was overcast and low 70's but as we went a bit late in the day we didn't see a lot of birds.

<br />
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This thrasher was singing his heart out. We listened to him for a couple of minutes before he flew off.

Our wildlife spotting for the day was this Spotted Whip Tail Lizard. At least that's what we think he was. There was a information sign about lizards and we think he matched the description of the Spotted Whip Tail Lizard.

Not sure if the water was cold or if everyone was just resting but there were more birds and turtles on the tree than in the water.

Ed trying out the canopy walk.