Ed decided a "day of rest" was in order so so we stayed at John and Carol's for one more day.

While the boys were working away on John's new computer, Carol and I took the quads for a spin. After less an a minute of riding I remembered why I wanted a quad --- they are a lot of fun. Later, Ed went for a ride with me and he really enjoyed himself too. One of these days we'll get our quads.

On our last visit, John and Carol told us about a restaurant with Latin American cuisine, this time we went to it. During Happy Hour you can buy appetizers for $3.00, margaritas for $3.00 and get a $1.00 off other drinks.

20130906-20130903__7D_9249.JPG 20130906-20130903__7D_9248.JPG
We ordered everything but the taco (ran out of room) and everything was really good. The homemade salsa was amazing --- think it was the roasted tomatoes. If you ever see a Red Mesa Grill it's worth a visit.

Mural on the patio. The restaurant was a block from the lake but there was still a view of the lake from the patio.

Think these ducks get fed a lot as they were quite happy to pose for photos.

20130906-20130903__7D_9245.JPG 20130906-20130903__7D_9255.JPG
Gotta love the fish's bikini. I found a new friend but managed to pry him off and leave him in the store.