On our apple excursion we got a peck for Cortland apples for pies, a bushel of Macintosh apples for sauce and some Russet and Empire apples for eating.

Yesterday was apple sauce day. Ellen took about a 1/4 of the bushel and the rest were made into sauce. I think I made about 27 pounds of apple sauce, half of which I gave to my mother. In the dead of winter we'll really enjoy the apple sauce with a nice pork roast.

Just before Thanksgiving, a friend had split a bushel of Cortland apples with me. I made eight pies and froze them. Today Ellen came over to peel apples while I did the pie dough. This was a lot easier and quicker than doing it all myself. Six pies were produced in a couple of hours. While I made a couple of pie shells for Ellen to freeze, Ellen (wonderful person she is) did the dishes and cleaned up the mess I made with the pie dough. After the pies were dispersed to various homes, Ed and I have two pies in the freezer. I think everyone will enjoy their pies during the winter.