Ed and I had a quiet but nice New Years Eve. We invited two couples over for dinner a good time. After watching the New Year arrive in Newfoundland (an hour and a half before it arrived in Ontario), the couples left. About 15 minutes before midnight I settle down in front of the TV to watch the ball drop in New York. Luckily, Ed sat down and spoke to me a minute before midnight or I would have missed the ball dropping.

Once the New Year arrived it was time to think about getting ready for our trip to New Orleans. I bought a couple of guide books, so I had some reading to do. Winter came back so there was lots of snow to shovel. Added to that was a trip to Burlington to visit my mother who is doing a good job recovering from her broken him. Then of course there is the packing. We're renting a townhouse with another couple so there was lots of discussion regarding what we might need as staples (i.e. spice, flour, sugar, etc.) I hate to buy a bag of flour when I only need a couple of tablespoons.