at least for us. Last night it was quite cool and the parades were long so we decided to miss the parades in New Orleans today (there's some tomorrow). Tonight's parade starts a 6pm and we've decided to go closer to the beginning of the parade in hopes we can be back to the townhouse by 8pm. As the parade is at dinner time we went out for a nice seafood lunch --- figured it would keep us filled till after the parade.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Well, that's what happened today. Ed ran scans on the hard drive of his computer this afternoon and on the last reboot (that happened just before we were ready to leave) Windows did not load. Anyone who knows Ed, knows he doesn't leave anything for a minute least of all an evening if he might be able to fix, so John, Carol and I left him at home and went to the parade. He called to say he had got his computer working again, but by then we were 40 minutes into the parade so too late for him to come. John, Carol and I thought it was a really good parade so when we got back to the townhouse we told Ed he should walk down to the ending point of the parade to see it especially as the paraded hadn't reached that point yet. The parade was so good that the three of us went down with Ed and actually enjoyed the parade more the second time around. Surprisingly, we arrived on the parade route about 15 minutes before the parade arrived. After trying near the beginning of the parade, near the middle of the parade and near the end of the parade, we decided that near the end of the parade was our favourite. The people on the floats were more generous with the throws as they were trying to rid of "stuff", the people along the parade route were generally more mellow (usually with the aid of alcohol, though a couple of people were obnoxious), plus there were generally fewer people.

Motorcycle police passing us.

The horse of one of the mounted police.

Before the parade started I commented that it was too bad there were no jazz bands in the parades. Think I spoke too soon.

Superhero parade marshals --- Spiderman and Iron man

This parade was put on by the Krewe of Ceasar. We thought they had some really nice floats and some great costumes. The theme this year was Broadway.




The front of the float.

The rear of the second half of the float.

20150208-20150207__DX_6416.JPG 20150208-20150207__DX_6350.JPG

Lots of good bands.

The star wars group was really good.

The parade ended with some good jazz music.

One happy little girl --- that was some throw.

The aftermath. When the people emptied bags on the floats, the empties were thrown from the float adding to the unwanted beads and other debris.