It was sprinkling this morning, not hard rain, not drizzle, just sprinkles every 5 or 10 minutes for a few minutes. We thought this was a perfect day to visit the shops and pick up a few gifts and souvenirs. So did everyone else. When the shopping was done it was time for lunch and what better place than Pizza Pizza. This pizza restaurant is definitely not of the chain. It's an open air restaurant with a gas fired open oven.

The "kitchen sink" --- it was really good.

After lunch we drove down to the Turtle Tail area of the island. Another beautiful spot....

with some humongous houses. Many rich and famous people have humongous houses in the Turks and Caicos Islands but most of them are on Parrot Cay. Rumour has it that this house is owned by coca cola.

This house is owned by the musician Prince. The water at the bottom of the photo leads to a protected boat harbour.

There's a small marina in the Turtle Tail where we found this boat that has seen better days.

Provo use to be a desert island with a lot of cactus. As it is being developed the climate is changing and so is the plant life. This area still has a number of cacti.

It was late and we were lazy so we drove down to Grace Bay Beach. The parking area brought us in beside the Seven Star Resort.


Every time we get in the water someone comments on how wonderful it is.