Bar Harbor is on Mt. Desert Island. Most of the island is home to Acadia National Park. In 1901 a public trust was set up that began aquiring land for public use then in 1913 another group tried to annual the trust. After three years of hard lobbying by George B. Dorr, the federal government established Sieur de Monts National Monument. The name was changed to Lafayette National Park in February 1919 when it became the first national park east of the Mississippi. It was not until January 1929 that it officially was named Acadia National Park. After spending one day in the park I'm very thankful for the all the work George Dorr did.

There is a 27 mile scenic drive through the park that includes a stop at the top of Cadillac Mt.

The views from the top of the mountain are spectacular, well except perhaps this morning. The sun was shining brightly but it was if we were in an airplane, we were looking down on the clouds.

There were less clouds when you looked down towards Bar Harbor. Your could see the cruise ship anchored off shore.

Don't know what this plant is but it is pretty, and I'm not talking about Ed.

Looking down over Eagle Lake.

There were 2 large huge beaver lodges in the beaver pond plus beautiful reflections

As we continued our drive, the clouds cleared and we could see many of the off shore islands.

Sand Beach is a geological rarity --- one of the few cold-water shell-based sand beaches in the world.

The rock on Mt. Desert Island is a pink granite.

Jordan Pond is a pristine pond and is one of the sources for the local drinking water.

Many trees have already lost their leaves but there's still lots of colour.

The clouds were coming back but we decided to drive back up Cadillac Mt. in hopes for a view. On the way up we pulled over to grab this shot of the sun reflecting off of Eagle Lake.

Not the clearest view but we can see islands this time.

Due to the cloud cover the sun was acting like a spot light and it was aimed directly at the cruise ship ---- it just sparkled.

We didn't get a colourful sunset but we did get a cloud show. For about 15 minutes we watched as clouds rolled by us.