Ever since Ed watched a video of a commercial pilot flying through a cloud bank and landing at Queestown airport, Ed has wanted to see the airport. This morning as we were driving out of town, we came upon the airport. Standing at the end of the runway Ed saw a plane take off and

another plane land. These pilots were lucky as they had clear conditions.

Highway 6 follows Lake Wakatipu, which is a beautiful drive.

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My nature shots for today. I think the red berry like things are some type of apple.

At the bottom end of Lake Wakatipu.

Our itinerary suggested stopping at Kingston to see the steam engine. Our timing was good, we arrived shortly before the steam engine was take for a short spin.

Another scenic view as we continue our drive to Te Anau and Fiordland.

After settling in at our motel in Te Anau we went for a walk along Lake Te Anau.

It was mostly sunny along the walkway but we did notice what looked like rain on the other side of the lake.

Along the path we came across a bird sanctuary. The birds at the sanctuary are native to this area and have all been injured. This is a Takahe.

Manapōuri Power Station is an underground hydroelectric power station on the western arm of Lake Manapouri in Fiordland National Park. Water from Lake Te Anau and Lake Manpouri feed the power station. This is the control gate between the two lakes.