When we were planning our trip to New Zealand we knew that one of the highlights of the trip would be the cruise on Doubtful Sound. Well today was it, and yes it was one of the highlights of the trip. Originally we had been hoping for a sunny day then we were told that the sound is actually more beautiful on rainy days. Almost all of the waterfalls only exist when it rains --- so no rain no waterfalls. So now we want rain and sun ---- just a little confused. So what weather did we get? It poured rain during the night and was overcast with bits of rain and eventually just a little sun, well maybe more like brightening.

The day was actually made up of five parts ---- a cruise across Lake Manapouri, a bus ride over Wilmot Pass to Doubtful Sound, the cruise on Doubtful Sound, a bus ride back to Lake Manapouri and finally a cruise across Lake Manapouri back to where we started.

Looking back across Lake Manapouri. Not a lot of colour in the photo but I like all the layering of the mountains.

The bus driver stopped a few times so we could get a good look at some of the beautiful sites along the road. The road was built to bring building supplies in for the power station when it was built in the 1960s.

Another beautiful view along the road.

The waves are from our boat.

There were a few pleasure crafts in the sound.

The boat cruised to the end of the sound reaching the Tasman Sea.

An albatros gave us a show and flew around the boat.

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The sides of the sound are very straight even under the water and the water is deep right up to the walls, so the boat was able to nose itself under the waterfall. The crew gave out cups so you could catch the water.

A couple more shots of the sound.


Back at Lake Manapouri we see the water intake for the power station. You don't see any buildings as the power station was built underground. The story is very interesting so just google Manapouri Power Station if you want to know more about it.

Almost back to the dock where we started the day.