This afternoon we fly back to Buenos Aires so we had time to explore more of town. The town was much busier today as it wasn't a holiday (Monday and Tuesday were holidays).

A road side restaurant.

I liked the look of this house. I noticed that most houses had a tower with a water tank. When I questioned Ed about it, he said haven't you read the sign on the wall in our room.

I'd put a tank on my house too!

7D_0233.JPG 7D_0258.JPG
Lots of small motorbikes in town but not a lot helmets. The main roads are paved but lesser roads are hunks of rock with grass growing in it.

No problem finding this house on a foggy day.

7D_0269.JPG 7D_0270.JPG
Some pretty flowers.

Walking out to the plane. We ended up in row 28 ... only 29 rows in this plane but no one sat beside me so that was good.

Looking down on Buenos Aires just before we landed.